Anne J. Gilliland

Ph.D. Program in Information Studies

  • Ph.D. Seminar in Research Methods and Design
  • Documentation Practices in the Professions (co-taught with Assoc. Prof. Ellen Pearlstein)
  • Metadata Infrastructures and Politics
  • Research Design and Methods in Archival Studies
  • Information as Evidence

M.L.I.S. Program

  • Archival Appraisal
  • Archival Description and Access
  • Archives, Recordkeeping and Memory 
  • Community-based Archiving
  • Digital Preservation
  • Digital Records Management
  • Ethics, Diversity and Change
  • Locating and Using Records as Evidence in Human Rights Activities
  • Migrating Memories: Diaspora, Archives and Human Rights (interdisciplinary course taught jointly with Assoc. Prof. Hariz Halilovich, Monash University)
  • Research Design and Methods in Archival Studies
  • Using Primary Sources in K-12 Education

Undergraduate Courses

  • Digital Cultures and Societies (General Education course)
  • Information and Power (General Education course)
  • Is Information Making Us Fat and Sick? (co-taught with Professor Antoinette Yancey, UCLA School of Public Health) (Fiat Lux seminar)
  • Political Violence in the Modern World: Causes, Cases, and Consequences (Cluster 48, Undergraduate Education Initiative, co-taught with Patricia Arroyo Calderon, Jared McBride and Michael Rothberg)
  • Records, Redress and Reconciliation (Fiat Lux seminar)
  • Through an Archival Lens: Armenia, the Genocide and Diaspora (co-taught with Marianna Hovhannisyan)